Travel Posters For Your Living Room That Show Off Your Wanderlust

Travel Posters For Your Living Room That Show Off Your Wanderlust

Love to travel? You're not the only one! If there's nothing you like better than leaving your home to embark on an adventure, you can show the world how you feel with a travel poster for your living room.

Whether you've got some serious wanderlust going on or you want to reminisce about a previous trip, these are some different travel posters for your living room that will showcase your love for wanderlust.

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Vintage Inspired

Vintage travel posters exude a classic charm that complements a variety of interior designs.

Choose posters featuring iconic destinations and landmarks from the golden age of travel.

The rich colours and artistic illustrations evoke a sense of nostalgia, making them a perfect addition to a living room with a traditional or eclectic aesthetic.

Minimalist Travel Photos

Minimalist style travel photos

For a modern and clean look, consider minimalist travel posters.

These posters often feature simple, sleek designs with essential elements that capture the essence of a location.

The clean lines and uncluttered visuals make them versatile, fitting seamlessly into minimalist or contemporary living room designs.


Watercolour style travel prints for your living room

Bring a touch of artistic flair to your living room with watercolour travel posters.

These posters often showcase dreamy landscapes and landmarks in soft, flowing hues.

The watercolour style adds a sense of whimsy and creativity to your space, making them ideal for bohemian or eclectic living room designs.

Photographic Prints

Photographic Travel style prints for your living room

Photographic travel posters feature stunning images of landscapes, cityscapes, or cultural scenes.

Opt for high-quality prints that transport you to far-off places.

These posters are perfect for creating a focal point in your living room, offering a visual escape and sparking conversations about your favorite destinations.

Typography Prints

Typography travel prints for your living room

There's one thing we love at Veranito, and that's typography prints. You can use bold colours, black & white or something more contemporary and combine this with a typography style that suits your taste.

Typography-based travel posters focus on the art of lettering to convey the spirit of a destination.

Choose posters that feature famous quotes about travel or use typography to highlight the name of a city or country.

These posters serve as both decor and inspirational reminders of the joy of exploration.

You can then use these as a starting point of creating a gallery wall in your room.

Maps Prints Which Are Personal

Map prints for your living room wall

If you've ever been somewhere which has taken your breath away, a map print is going to make you feel great every time you see it.

Hanging a map print in your living room adds a lot of personality and individuality to your space.

The map could showcase any special place you've been yourself or with your partner, family or friends.

Holiday Snaps

It could be a little cheesy, but your own holiday photos could be framed and put on walls.

What better way to show off all the places you've been than with your holiday photos proudly on show in your living room.

You could create a gallery wall which will look pretty epic, with different styles and sizes of wall art in the room.


Cityscape travel poster for your living room

When it comes to classy travel prints, there's nothing like a cityscape. They look particularly good in black and white and in a landscape style, and you can really add a touch of class to your room with one of these.

When it comes to a cityscape poster you can have a really large format print, or a smaller style one which is more intimate.

On That Note

And there you have it, different styles of travel posters for your living room that will seriously show off your wanderlust.

If travel is part of your personality and you want to bring home your adventures, framing a travel style print in your living room will make it personal and homely.

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