9 Geordie Slang Phrases For Tourists When Visiting Newcastle

9 Geordie Slang Phrases For Tourists When Visiting Newcastle

If you are visiting Newcastle then you'll know all about the infmaous Geordie dialect.

If you're coming to the North East there's plenty of phrases that you'll hear that you may have never heard before.

Being from Newcastle and living here, I say or hear these all the time without even thinking about them, so they come naturally to me.

These are some Geordie sayings that our Geordie prints are inspired by, which make great framed prints for your home.

These are the must know Geordie phrases for any tourists visiting Newcastle.

Alreet Pet?

Alreet Pet

Want to ask someone how they are? Alreet Pet is the phrase you're looking for.

If a Geordie says this to you, they're simply asking how you are. It has nothing to do with pets, and is a unisex phrase (i.e. can be said to a male or female).

Howay In

Howay In

When you get invited into somewhere you might hear the phrase Howay In.

If you want to sound like a Geordie and are inviting someone into your house, room or any place, saying Howay In is the phrase you need.

Calm Doon

Calm Doon

Something or someone going crazy? Calm Doon is the phrase you want. This literally means calm down, so is pretty easy to understand.

What D' Yee Want?

What Do Yee Want

Asking someone what they want in Geordie means asking What D' Yee Want. You don't need to say Do, just drop the 'o' and say the D, as in duh. What D' Yee want.

How's The Bairn?

How's The Bairn

When you're asking someone how their child or children are, How's The Bairn is the question you'll ask or hear.

This technically means baby or child, but is often used for anyone's kids, even when they're fully grown adults.

Don't be shocked if you hear someone talking about the bairn and they're talking about a 25 year old!

Do You Need Any Scran?

Do You Need Any Scran?

There's a lot of food places in Newcastle, and of course is the home to Greggs! When it comes to food, Scran is the word you'll want.

Scran means food, usually something informal or light. You can get some scran from Greggs, eat scran at home, but you'd probably not describe a 3 course meal in a posh restaurant as scran.

Ah Divent Nah

Ah Divent Nah

Don't know something? Ah Divent Nah is the phrase you'll want.

If you're in Newcastle, it's a phrase you'll hear quite a bit.

Yee Oot The Neet?

Yee Oot The Neet

Want to ask someone if they're going out? Yee Oot The Neet is the phrase you're looking for.

If you're visiting and asking someone their evening plans, this is what you want to be asking.

Where Yee Gannin'?

Where Yee Gannin

If you hear someone ask Where Ye Gannin', they're simply asking where are you going.

Simple but effective.

Dee As Ya Telt

Dee As Ya Telt

Someone misbehaving? Dee As Ya Telt is a phrase you're likely to hear. Dee As Ya Telt means do as you're told.

Something you'd hear when someone is messing around or not doing what they're supposed to do.

Gan Hyem

Gan Hyem

When you are going home, you Gan Hyem. The H is silent, so it's Gan Yem, which translates to go home.

When you're leaving Newcastle, it's a phrase you can use.

And there you have it, 11 Geordie phrases for visiting Newcastle as a tourist. The slang is really easy to understand written down, maybe a littler harder when it's spoken.

This small list of Geordie slang phrases will make going around Newcastle that little bit easier. Want more? Check out the Geordie dictionary for a comprehensive guide on all Geordie slang from A to Z.

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