Geordie Dictionary - Learn Geordie With This A To Z Guide

Geordie Dictionary - Learn Geordie Slang With This A To Z Guide

When it comes to the Geordie dialect, it's like a language of it's own.

Fortunately, we live here in Newcastle, so have come up with this authentic Geordie Dictionary so you can learn everything you need to know from A to Z.

Everyone loves a Geordie accent, and you'll be able to speak fluent Geordie once you've read this list.

Not only that, you can get some of our Geordie prints to hang in your home, which contains some of the best Geordie language there is.


Aal - I will. Also means All.

Alreet / Areet - How are you? Literally means, alright? It can also be used to answer a question with a positive answer.

Aye - Yes.


Bairn - Child or baby. Bairn can be used to describe young children or by parents describing their kids (even if they're adults). Buy the Bairn definition print here.

Bait - Food. Usually described for lunch but can be used for any food.

Belta - Good. Usually a 1 word answer to signfy something good. Buy the Belta definition print here.

Bonny / Bonnie - Attractive or good looking. A person is bonny, a bonny lad, a bonny lass.

Broon - Brown. Also slang term for Newcastle Brown Ale.

Baccy - Tobacco.

Blinned - Blind (as in cannot see, not the indoor window fixtures)

Bord - A girl, women or girlfriend (as in bird)

Bray - To hit something/someone.

Bullet - A sweet (usually hard boiled sweets)


Cadge - Beg

Canny - Something which is nice, or good, or just OK. Check out our Canny definition print

Charva - Someone who's a bit rough. Also called Chav if you're from the south of the country. Check out the Charva definition print.

Clammin - Very hungry. Think starving. See the Clammin Definition print.

Clart - Mud, dirty.

Caal - Call.

Claggy - Sticky


Da - dad

Dafty - Someone who is silly or stupid

Dee - Do

Deek - To have a look at something

Div - Do

Divee - Someone who's stupid

Divent - Don't.

Doon - Down


Eee - A sound made when excited or astonished. See the eee definition print.


Fatha - Father or dad

Forst - First

Fanny - Girls

Fower - Four

Frisk - Exciting time


Gadgie / Gadgy - Man, old man, bloke

Gan - Go

Gan Canny - Take It Easy or watch how you go

Gaff - House or the place you live

Graft - Work

Giz - Give me

Get - Git

Gob - Mouth

Groond - Ground

Giv awa - Stop that/I don't believe you


Hyem - Home, at home, house. Check out the Hyem definition print.

Heed - Head

Hoose - House

Hinny - Girl

Hor - Her

Howay - Come on, let's go. Also, Howay The Lads. Check the howay definition print.

Hortz - Hurts

Haddaway - A response to when someone is joking with your or having you on.




Kip - Sleep

Kidda - Young person

Knackered - Broken or tired

Knacked - Broken


Lad - Boy or man

Lass - Girl or Woman

Liberty - Something that's unfair


Ma - Mother, Mum

Mam - Mother, Mum

Marra - Friend

Mags, Magpies - Geordie, a nickname for the Newcastle United Football Team Supporters

Mingin - Something that smells, e.g. It mings. Also means something that is disgusting.

Mint - Great or good.

Missus - Wife or girlfriend

Mooth - Mouth

Mortal - Drunk (Check out the Mortal defintiion print)

Mackem - Someone from Sunderland

Mesell - Myself

Muckle - Massive or something that's very big.


Na / Nah - No

Neet - Night

Nee - No

Neebody - Nobody

Netty - Toilet (Check out the Netty definition print)

Ne-Castle - Newcastle

Noot - Nothing

Nowt - Nothing

Nen - None

Narr - No


Oot - Out. We're Ganning Oot

Owa / Ower - Over


Palatic - Drunk

Paralytic - Very Drunk (check out the paralytic definition print)

Pet - term of endearment - Alreet Pet?

Pollis - Police - The Pollis are coming!

Proper - To emphasise something is good. e.g. That is proper mint!


Queer - Strange, Odd. Also means Gay


Radge - Something that's crazy

Radgie - Someone who's crazy (check out the radgie definition print)

Radge Packet - Someone even worse than a radgie (check out the radge packet print)


Sand Dancer - Someone from South Shields

Scran - Food

Sell - Self, myself.

Sooth - South

Snout / Snowt - Cigarette


Tabs - Cigarettes.

Ta - Thanks

Taak - Talk

Tatty / Tattie - Potato

Telt - Told

The Day - Today

The Morra - Tomorrow

Toon - Town, the city centre. Also used to refer to Newcastle United.

Toon Army - The Newcastle Fans


Us - Me

Uptee - Up to



Wor Lass - Girlfriend or wife (see the Wor Lass definition print)

Waak - Walk

Well Aye - Yes

Wey Aye - Yes

Wey - Well

Wesh - Wash

Wor - Our

Wor Kid - A younger sibling such as a younger brother. (Check out the wor kid definition print)

Wrang - Wrong

Worky Ticket - When someone is up to no good. Usually used for children who misbehave, i.e. they are a worky ticket

Watter - Water

Wiv - With



Yee - You


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