Living Room Colour Ideas That Will Make Your Lounge Unique

10 Living Room Colour Ideas That Will Make Your Lounge Unique

When it comes to decorating your living room, the first thing you'll want to decide is what colour you want it to be.

We're going to take a look at some colour ideas for your living room that will make it look unique.

From bright bold colours to neutral tones for a modern room, check out these room decor tips for your space.

Neutrals Colour Scheme

Neutral colour living room

One of the most popular colours for living rooms in the UK has to be a neutral colour scheme.

They are light, airy and modern, giving your room lots of light and making it easy to match furniture.

Neutral colours include earthy tones, beige, eggshell, off-white, sand, taupe and other muted tones.

Using neutral colour wall art will keep your room looking tonal and neutral while giving it some unique style.

Painting your room a neutral colour will add a soothing vibe to it, and is a very calming colour.

Neutral colours are easy to work with, meaning pairing flooring and furniture will be a breeze.

Style: Modern, airy, light

Tones: Beige, light greys, coffee tones, mocha, taupe, duckegg

White Colour Scheme

White colour scheme living room

One of the most popular colours to paint any room is white. Although we think of white as one colour, there's tons of shades around the white spectrum that still look as bright as white, but in various shades.

Some people find white boring, but adding in some black and white wall art really gives the room some added dimension, while keeping it classy.

White is the most popular colour for a good reason, it's so easy to work with.

You can easily pair up any colour sofa or other fittings and they'll always look the part.

Style: Modern, airy, light, spacious

Tones: eggshell, bright white, chalk white

Grey Colour Scheme

Grey living room colour scheme

For those looking for a modern living room and want something different to white, grey is the perfect alternative.

When it comes to grey, there's so many shades of grey you can use. You can use combinations of grey to your advantage, creating a light but sophisticated living room.

Adding in some grey wall art is a great way of giving the room an extra layer of life. You can paint the walls a light shade, while utilising darker grey tones for your sofa, other furniture and art work.

Style: Modern, light, spacious, chic, cool

Tones: mid grey, asphalt, light grey, silver, off-white, charcoal

Blue Colour Scheme

Blue living room colour scheme

For those that want to inject colour, using blue can be fantastic. This comes down to the look you're going for, and the blue used.

You can think of shades of blue in a few different ways. There's the bright bold blues, the darker hues of blue and the more neutral, lighter blue tones.

Bright bold blues will give your room a real talking point. If you're looking for an under the sea or real watery theme, a bold blue will do the trick.

Very dark shades of blue will add a regal look to your home. Dark tones will add some darkness to your room, so you'll have to use this carefully and plan it out right.

For just a hint of blue, the lighter and more neutral bluish tones are recommended. These can be used in combination with some blue wall art that will keep the blue theme going without it being over-powering.

Style: Bright, bold, light, cool

Tones: Pastel blue, duckegg, sky blue, oxford blue, navy

Red Colour Scheme

Red colour scheme for living room

One of the most bright and bold colours you can use in your living room has to be red. You'd have to be quite brave to use red in your living room, but it can be done.

The classiest reds to utilise would be very dark tones. Think of burgundy and wine types of reds, which will add a touch of class to your space.

With this you'll be able to use red art prints to compliment the wall paint, furniture and other fittings.

Style: Bright, bold, deep, vivid

Tones: Wine, burgundy, cherry

Yellow Colour Scheme

Yellow living room colour scheme

Adding some vibrance to your living room can easily be done by using a yellow colour scheme.

This bright and bold colour can really brighten up any room, and will certainly add some uniqueness to your space.

Go for yellow walls when you want to create something fun, energetic and unique. Add some yellow wall art that will give your space that fun element that will get your guests talking.

Style: Bright, bold, rich, vivid

Tones: Lemon, bright yellow

Green Colour Scheme

Green colour scheme for living room

Bring the outside into your living room by using a green colour scheme. When it comes to creating a serene room, green is one of the best colours to go for.

Dark greens will give your room a more modern feel, while lighter shades might give it some outside vibes.

For the best colours for wildlife and serenity, green wall art is the colour artwork you can incorporate into your space.

Style: Vivid, serene, wildlife, peaceful

Tones: Bottle green, light green, dark green

Purple Colour Scheme

Purple colour scheme living room

For an unusual colour, purple is going to be up there with one of the best choices. It's such a rockstar colour, and is really out there when it comes to colours for a living room.

If you want purple you can add splashes of it to your room by putting up some purple wall art. This way you get purple into your colour scheme without it being too over-bearing.

Style: Vivid, bold, unusual

Tones: Mauve, plum, lilac

Pink Colour Scheme

Pink colour scheme living room

For the most girly of colours, using pink in your living room is going to be the one to go for. If you want legally blonde meets barbie, a pink living room is certainly the colour you'll want to pick out.

When it comes to artwork, you can always opt for pink wall art. You can use tonal colouring, meaning different tones of pink for the walls and artwork, or utilise another colour on the walls, making the artwork really pop.

Style: Barbie dream house, girly, bold

Tones: candy pink, blush, light pink, deep pink

Black Colour Scheme

Add some darkness to your room by using a black colour scheme. There's no secret that black can add a layer of mystery to your room, and if done well, can look really chic and classy.

Combining dark black walls with light furniture will give it some balance, enhancing both colours with the contrast really well.

You'll want to add black sparingly, and not make your room too dark looking.

Style: Chic, classy, minimalist, dark

Tones: Dark tones, deep greys, pitch black.

And there you have it, 10 living room colours that will make your space look unique.

There's certainly a lot to think about when deciding a colour scheme for your living room, picking out the primary colour should be the first thing you think of.

Once you have the colour set, you'll be able to get your furniture colours and pieces all picked out and ready to make your room perfect.

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