Veranito Launch Annoying Email Quotes Prints

Veranito Launch Annoying Email Quotes Prints

Veranito has launched it's annoying email quotes prints, a mini collection of prints that bring the humour from your office email to your wall.

The collection take a cheeky look at the responses that everyone has read or even made via email at work. When it comes to stereotypcial email replies and responses, these are the most popular and most heard in offices in the UK up and down the country.

These prints are designed with typewriter style typography, giving off a writing style which is in-fitting with the theme of messaging behind the art.

Taking a look at each of the three designs, we have the following:

To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern Art Print

A hilarious take on when you're emailing someone but don't know who to address it to. This is almost always a complaint, whether you've made one or received one, you'll know when the email starts like this, it's not going to be good.

Get the To Whom It May Concern print here.

Just Looping In

Just Looping In Wall Art Print Annoying Email

Sometimes an email is better when there's a few people involved, right? That's what just looping in is all about. When you add someone to an email chain, whether they need to be or not, looping them in is the way to go. If you've worked in a big group, it's a phrase you'll be familiar with.

Get the just looping in print here.

As Per My Last Email

As Per My Last Email Art Print

It's a phrase you'll use when someone has disregarded whatever you've wrote in your previous email. As per my last email is when you feel like you've been ignored. It's almost certaintly a phrase everyone has used before.

Get the As Per My Last Email print here.

All three prints are available now from Veranito, available in sizes A5 - A3. Great for the wall or in your office in a frame.

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