Brand New Geordie Definition Prints Launched At Veranito

Brand New Geordie Definition Prints Launched At Veranito

For all our lads and lasses in Newcastle we've launched our brand new collection that will definitely be of interest. Veranito has extended it's range of it's geordie prints perfect for homes in Newcastle.

Our Geordie prints have proved to be popular and found their way into the homes of a number of people in Newcastle and beyond. To add a bit of Geordie charm to any room in the house, the definition art is the way to go.

It always gets a laugh, and will let your guests know exactly what you're talking about, if their Geordie isn't up to scratch.

There's 7 designs which have been added to the collection, here's what you can expect to find on the website now.

Lad & Lass Definition Prints

Lad And Lass Definition Print

When it comes to talking about boys and girls, men and women, males and females it can be easily done with 2 words when you're in Newcastle.

The Lass definition print explains what a female is, while the lad definition print breaks down what it means to be called a geordie lad.

Geordie Food: Scran And Bait

Scran Food Geordie Poster

When we're talking about food in Newcastle, two words may crop up. Our scran wall art and our bait print defines exactly what these two words mean.

If you're looking for art prints for your kitchen, these two are must have designs.

Giv Owa Deek And Gadgie

Gadgie Definition Newcastle Print

The best of the rest, there's giv owa, deek and gadgie. These are three Geordie phrases that the older crowd will know very well.

Giv Owa is used in jest when you don't believe what someone is saying, Deek is when you want to have a look at something and finally a gadgie is a man, usually an older man.

These brand new 7 Geordie definition prints are available now at Veranito, starting at £7 in A5, A4 and A3 sizes.

If you're looking to add some freshness to your home decor, these pieces of unique wall art will fit the bill.

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